Lorenzo Setale

Passion-driven developer of ideas, Crypto-enthusiast Startupper and Italian since 1993.

Work, Jobs and Projects

I’m the kind of guy that likes to make dreams come true!
Here are some of my dreams I am working on...

Orion by Siderus

Orion is an easy to use IPFS Desktop client. It helps sharing content on the public peer to peer network without any command line or technical knowledge. The app includes everything needed to start your own personal IPFS node


Coinify is the leading blockchain currency service provider supporting 15 blockchain currencies (including bitcoin, ether, ripple, etc.). It allows not only to buy and sell, but also to accept cryptocurrencies in phisical and online stores.

I am helping the tech team to build and maintain a set of micro services to deliver the best experiences to our clients, by using APIs with NodeJS and an easy-to-use HTML interface.


It is a python library to manage machines/droplets on Digitalocean cloud service. It implements all digitalocean APIs with native Python classes.

I am maintaining and developing the project. I won a prize of 500$ on Digitalocean for this project.


MinbilDinbil is the first peer-2-peer carsharing service in Denmark. We help people re-thinking urban mobility and discover an alternative to traditional car ownership. The company was acquired by SnappCar in 2015 while I was working as CTO.

The entire system is developed using Python Django, Ngninx, Celery, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap, HTML5, knockout.js and jQuery. I am in charge of the product and of the development team using the Agile metodology.

Qurami (Now: uFirst)

It is an ambitious startup that wants to improve the time we spend queueing: users can take a ticket-number on their phone and then, while the queue is processed, they can do different things instead staying stucked in line!

I developed the first version of the service, using Python Django, Celery, Twisted and OpenVPN until for health problems I had to stop working at it. The team won the third prize of Startup Weekend in Rome in 2010.


Set some cache-related headers automatically, defining not-authenticated requests as public and authenticated requests as private. You can also customize these values for specific URLs.

This django middleware helps serveral websites to integrate CloudFlare requirements to cache pages and contents. It is used by MinbilDinbil.dk and djangocph.dk websites.

Together Network

Together is a cross-inspirational place: an intentional community house that values knowledge and collaboration. The website allows users to join the community events or to book one of the accommodations available in Rome.

I designed and developed the entire website, using python django, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL and some Facebook APIs. Everything is up and running on Heroku and Amazon S3. The code is available on GitHub

P2Pool dashboard

P2Pool is peer-to-peer cryptocurrencies mining pool, that aims to bring back the decentralization of mining. The dashboard was commisioned by a P2Pool operator to help Bitcoin miners to keep track of earnings, estimations and statistics about their hashing power.

It is developed using CoffeeScript, Stylus, NodeJS, AngularJS, and p2pool official APIs.


Bancha is an online marketplace to help travelers find short-term renting by leveraging on common interests and events.

We created this project during the contest of Innovaction Lab, meanwhile we won a grant of 25.000 Euro from Telecom Italian for the project Working Capital. For several reasons the project is not developed anymore.

P2P messages Daemon

A F2F and P2P network that allows applications to share messages on decentralized networks: the main idea was to exchange everything through a server-less system!

During the 2008 I started this project with the idea of a real decentralized network, to provide better services and higher quality of contents. Originally it was a GNU/Linux Distribution. I am not developing it anymore because of time and money.


Steroids is a set of tools to help python developers to build real-time ready, non-blocking, web application reducing efforts and time.


Being a Mom in 21th century is really hard! Momsquare wants to help busy mothers sharing their needs with other women, managing their timetable and allowing them to organize with children and fathers.

The project started and won the first prize of the Startup Weekend in Torino in 2011.

...and more!

You can read more on my Curriculum Vitae and on my GitHub profile!

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