Lorenzo Setale

Hello! Welcome to my personal website! 😄

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Feel free to contact me!

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💬 Telegram t.me/koalalorenzo
💬 Matrix ID @koalalorenzo:matrix.org
🐦 Twitter @koalalorenzo
🐘 Mastodon [email protected]
📷 Instagram instagram.com/koalalorenzo
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🦊 GitLab gitlab.com/koalalorenzo
🐙 GitHub github.com/koalalorenzo
🔑 OpenPGP 5506 5306 FCC6 617D 4D92 8B70 020F 4A4E 40F9 5228 (ProtonMail)
7388 0ECA F69E C2ED 44CE 5889 502B FB12 D0B5 295F

If you are going to send me an email, I would prefer to use GnuPG/PGP signed and encrypted messages.

Offer me a beer! 🍺

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